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What is Propolis?

Natural Remedy From the Beehive

A major breakthrough in the quest for an all-natural food supplement that will help battle the virus, soothe and heal stomach ulcers, create and antibiotic-like disease-fighting reaction has been announced. Scientists from all parts of the world have discovered that a completely natural substance made by the bees may offer hope for speedy support in healing of a variety of chronic ailments.

Known as propolis, this newly rediscovered beehive product was known to ancients but not until recently has it been used by modern scientists in the healing professions. It is gathered by the bees, from the leaf buds or bark of trees (especially poplars). The bees then use this propolis as a form of "cement" that lines the walls of the hive in which they prepare honey, pollen, royal jelly and related byproducts. The bees use propolis to seal up any holes or cracks in the hive. It is a natural form of  "building material" that offers the bees protection from outside contaminants while they remain in the hive.

The name is derived from Greek pro (before) and polis (city), so named because in its natural state, bees use propolis to diminish the entrance to their "wax city" and thus exclude harmful intruders.

What makes this rediscovery of propolis as a miracle healer is that this substance was known for thousands of years and was used to create effective cures, but it was only in recent times that modern scientists have realized its healing properties and potential.

It was Hippocrates (considered the father of medicine, a Greek physician, 460-377 B.C.) who prescribed the use of this resinous substance, to help heal sores as well as ulcers, both external and internal. Propolis-making bees were also depicted on vases from ancient Egypt where the sign of the bee was often interwoven with the titles of the kings and used as the motif on ornaments presented as rewards for valor. The ancient Egyptians looked upon the bees and their propolis as the source of eternal health and life.

Legend has that Jupiter (chief God in Roman mythology), transformed the beautiful Melissa into a bee so that she could prepare this miracle substance for use as healing.

In his massive Natural History (Pliny, 23-79 A.D. Roman Scholar), there is much discussion of the use of resins such as propolis. Pliny says that "current physicians use propolis as a medicine because it extracts stings and all substances embedded in the flesh, reduces swelling, soothes pains of the sinews and heals sores when it appears hopeless for them to mend."

Other healers in the many centuries that followed also praised the use of bee products for healing. In John Gerard's famous herbal book, The History of Plants (1957), reference is also made to "the resin or clammy substance of the black poplar tree buds." Apothecaries of the area would use this propolis as a major ingredient in the making of healing ointments.

Nicholas Culpepper's famous Complete Herbal, under the heading of "The Poplar Tree" states that "the ointment called propolis is singularly good for all heat and inflammations in many parts of the body and cools the heat of the wounds."

Because there is no bacteria in the beehive, since the propolis seals out all potential invaders, this miracle substance has long been known effective to help healing. Some of the reported folk remedy healers include:

- Sore Lips and Gums. Put a few drops of propolis solution in half glass of water. It will turn milk-like in color. Drink a little in the morning, then in the afternoon and again in the evening. It will help heal sores, wounds and scratches.

- Blemishes, Bruises. Combine propolis with honey and apply to gauze and use as a bandage dressing. Wrap dressing around affected area and let remain overnight. Renew daily until blemishes and bruises are healed.

- Burns. Put on a few drops of propolis as a natural ointment. Within moments, the burning feeling is cooled.

- Sore Throat. Just take a few drops of propolis on a bit of bread like a natural antibiotic. Helps fight the microbes-viruses responsible and promotes healing.

- Skin Blemishes. Soak propolis onto a small pad of cotton or wool and smear all over spots such as acne, bumps, etc. Repeat as often as needed, especially after washing. Also good if left on overnight. Helps clear up infectious pimples within a short time.

- Nasal Congestion. Traced to vasomotor rhirutis, there is breathing difficulty and stuffy nose. Take a few drops of propolis in a liquid, at least three times daily. It helps clear nasal infection, decrease nasal secretions, open up clogged passages to permit healthier breathing.

- Respiratory Distress. For scratchy throat, stubborn cough, try this European remedy. Just combine a few drops of propolis with honey, add to herb tea. Drink several times daily. Helps give you a "silky" throat.

- Better Physical Strength. In Miracle of Propolis, Mr. Mitja Vosnjak tells of a group of mountain climbers who were looking for a substance that would give them increased strength. They took propolis mixed with honey, bee pollen and royal jelly and found that they could travel through a snow storm along the ridge with exceptional vigor and strength. For thirst and exhaustion, they would drink honey diluted in tepid water and take propolis mixed with honey, bee pollen and royal jelly. "One team member fell, received large bruises which became infected. These were bathed with propolis solution and were quickly cleared and healed." They also put propolis on the skin to protect it against sunburn and cracking. It worked well. They were able to reach the mountain summit, because of improved physical strength due to propolis.

- Colds and Related Ailments. The use of propolis and related bee products is helpful as support in elevating symptoms of sore throats, coughs, colds, tonsillitis, sinusitis, halitosis, mouth-gum infections.

Various types of propolis are available in several different forms. These include:

-Propolis tablets which is sweet tasting and effective for soothing a sore throat and relieving conditions of cough due to colds and other respiratory problems.

-Propolis extract/tincture is a liquid form that can be used as a gargle (four or five drops in half a glass of tepid water) for throat disorders. Also, put a few drops on a sugar lump and suck. Eases throat infections.

-Propolis capsules should be used to help improve personal immunity. They also provide an antibacterial and antiseptic benefit that helps destroy harmful bacteria.

Bee products such as propolis offer hope for a long and healthy life. These are all-natural supplements, amazing in their miracle health-youth building powers. They are yours for the taking.....and rejuvenating.


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